Friday, April 27, 2012

I started to follow the tracks, breaking branches to mark my way. When I came out of the forest, it took me a second, but realized that they lead me to the very place that Nick and Dawn were taken. Pausing for a moment, and pushing down the pain, I walked over to where Nick was. I glanced around and read what happened there. It looked like he put a good fight before they got him.
“Good job Nick.” I whispered, and spying a piece of frayed rope laying on ground, I picked it up. It looked like they tied him up. Putting it in my pocket, I knew that I found Dawn, I could find Nick. With that in mind, I ran over to where Dawn was caught.
I looked at the ground and saw that Dawn must have tripped it when she tried to get away. “Well at lest it was comfy.” I muttered, picking up the thin, strong, soft rope that they used on Dawn. Shoving it in to my pocket, along with Nicks’ rope, I set my shoulders and headed after my family.

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